Battle of the Sexes

Who will win the coveted toilet seat this year? Will it be the men and the toilet seat will remain up? Or will it be the women and the toilet seat stays down? Only time will tell, it's men versus women in this epic battle!
Battle of the Sexes

Time & Location

Dec. 22, 6:00 p.m.
715 Cooper St, Ottawa, ON K1R 5J5, Canada

About the Event

This event is open to all Rideau Curling Club members and their friends and family. Curlers register as individual players. A captain for both the men and the women will be appointed. Before game night, the captain will arrange their players into teams. 

Dinner will be provided before the curling chaos begins!

Rules are: anything goes! Steeped in tradition, the team that did not win the toilet seat the previous year gets to make up the rules for the evening. There are different rules per end and they typically highly favour the team that made them. Rules in the past have included:

  • Handle value scoring; for example if the 8 rock is on the pin, then that team gets 8 points. 
  • Mystery scoring; only the team that makes the rules knows what they are.
  • Throw with hockey gloves; the team that makes the rules is exempt OBVIOUSLY.
  • No talking; the team that makes the rules is exempt OBVIOUSLY.
  • Closest to the sideboards.
  • Furtherst rock from the button is shot.
  • And sooo many more great ones, like the time the women made the men throw with a pillow under their shirt!

Scores can get a little out of hand, like 16 points to 1! So the last end is always the Shoe Rule equalizer, in which the score board can be flipped!

Join us for a night of good food, great drinks and a TON of laughter!

  • Male Individual Entry
  • Female Individual Entry

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