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December 21, 2022

Battle of the Sexes

$30 / person
Event Info

It's time for the Battle of the Sexes! At the last event, the men triumphed, which means it's time for the Ladies to make the rules and take back the toilet seat!

This is a one night fun event where the men take on the women. Whoever loses the year before gets to make the rules for the current year. Each end has a different set of rules, with the last end always being the shoe rule. The rules are always extraordinarily skewed towards the team that lost the year prior!

The score is cumulative, across all the sheets. Members and their family or friends sign up as individuals and teams will be made to represent the men and the women.

Dinner begins at 6PM and curling starts at 7PM. At stake is the infamous toilet seat! Will it be up or down this year? Come on out and help us decide!

  • No curling experience required

  • Laugh until your sides hurt

  • Dinner included!

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