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This is the highest honour awarded by the Rideau. The Board of Directors carefully deliberates this honour. It also needs to be approved by the Membership at one of our annual meetings. Lifetime Members are honoured for either their service to the Rideau, the number of years they have been a member (loyalty), their service to the sport of curling or their curling achievements.

A. McMillan
Cdr. C.H. Little
Isobel Rooney
R.B. Viets
W.F. Page
B.A. Fauvel
D. Robertson
J.J. Sherry
R.C. MacPherson
W.G. Beddoe
Bernice Baldwin
David Sim
Jack Bowie
R.F. Howard
W.H. Freel
Bill Tobin
Dr. Eric Davey
Key Eliot
Ross Davey
W.J. Williamson
Bonnie Morris
E.H. Wood
Lee Tobin
Rt. Hon. Roland Michener
W.P. Harrell
C.A. Narraway
E.L. Brittain
Lillian Bowie
Roy J. Mc Millan
Wally Morris
C.E. Huston
George Wright
Livius P. Sherwood
Ruth Murphy
C.G. Cowan
Gerry Keeler
N.F. Wilson
Sally Taylor
C.H. MacLaren
H.L. Mussell
N.M. Paterson
Sam Short
C.T. Unsworth
H.S. Southam
Ora Cook
T.D. Finn
Calrine Wilson
Hank Rooney
Peter Veale
Tom Wilson


This is to honour members who have over the years, shown exceptional dedication to the Rideau through countless volunteer hours.

Bob Wilson
Donna Schwartzburg
Greg Smith
Noreen Carter
Brad Forden
Floyd Alkenbrack
Joanne Pomalis
Normande Smith
David Morrow
France Isabelle
Kathryn Noel


This award honours members who, through their competitive accomplishments, have helped create a local, provincial and national reputation for the Rideau Curling Club. To be eligible for this honour, nominees must have been a member of the Rideau for at least eight years and have either:

  • represented the Rideau in at least fifteen Ontario Championships, winning at least two,

  • won at least four Ontario Championships as a member of the Rideau,

  • represented the Rideau at two or more Canadian Championships OR

  • won at least one Canadian Championship as a member of the Rideau.

Anne Merklinger
Diana Favel
Layne Noble
Therese Breen
Audrey Frey
Howard Rajala
Patti McKnight
Chris Fulton
Janelle Sader
Paul Madden
Dave Van Dine
Joyce Potter
Rich Moffat


This is to honour members who have created or rejuvenated processes, social events, bonspiels, business areas, structures or polices, that have been exceptional to the success of the Rideau Curling Club.

Bob Provick
Chris Kelly
Jackie Carberry
Brian Benning
Greg Penz
Robin Love


The Rideau Curling Club is proud to recognize our members for their achievements within the club and as competitors in outside competitions. As a result, we created the Hall of Fame. If you feel a Rideau member deserves an award, please review the Rideau Recognition and Awards Policy below and contact Pierre with your nomination! 

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