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In-Ice Advertising

The first thing anyone looks at when they walk into a curling club is the ice. In-ice logos are embedded directly into the ice surface and really catch your eye. Curlers often use the logos as targets for strategic placement of their rocks! Spectators can view the logos from our main floor lounge or our upstairs banquet hall!

Custom House Advertising

Curling is centered around a target, or a bullseye, which is called the house! Full house advertising uses your company’s logo or product to customize the rings that make up the house. Big, bold and colourful, they have become incredibly popular among advertisers. For 2 hours a game, curlers will be aiming for, sliding over and looking at your customized design! Being twelve feet across, spectators and visitors to the club can’t help but be drawn to them. Only 4 available!

The Rideau Curling Club (RCC) is a not-for-profit community curling club. We strive to provide a fun environment for members of all ages to learn and curl. Support from the community has always played an important role in allowing us to do so - whether it be through advertising opportunities, providing equipment for youth curlers or providing necessary services. 


We operate year-round and we have between 600 and 700 visitors every week. We host events such as business meetings, Holiday parties, weddings, bonspiels (tournaments) and roller-skating leagues. Our low-cost advertising and sponsorship opportunities are a great way to reach your target market!

Rideau Mixed Bonspiel

Event Sponsorship

The Rideau Curling Club hosts many events throughout the curling season. These events bring visitors of all ages to the Rideau. Event sponsorship is a title sponsor opportunity. The way in which each business sponsors the event may vary. It can be in the form of a monetary sponsorship, product donations or any other option. We work with the event coordinator and the sponsor to find something that fits the event.  


Lounge Advertising

If a curling club is the heart of our community, the lounge is the heart of the curling club! It is customary in curling to sit down after your game to share a drink, food and conversation. You’ll find players spending time in the lounge for hours after their game, and sometimes even until close. Lounge Advertisers can place a banner stand in the lounge. It has visibility from all visitors to the club, no matter the season. Advertisers have the option to supply their own banner stands or to have one created by the club. Only 4 available!


Youth Program

The Rideau Curling Club is proud to run a Youth program for kids aged seven to seventeen. Our emphasis is on developing proper technique, game knowledge, strategy and of course, having fun! We’re lucky to have our program led by competitive players who are passionate about developing life-long curlers! Our goal with our Youth Program is to offset the costs and decrease the barrier to participate for many families. Much like our Event Sponsorship option, sponsorship can be through the purchase of much needed equipment, a monetary contribution or snack donations. We’re open to any option and truly appreciate the support!

Rock Markers

Our 44-pound curling stone is integral to the game. It is touched and seen by every player throughout the game. Put your logo on one or more sets of stones (eight rocks) across as many sheets as you like! 

Scoreboard Ads

While everyone is out there to have fun, let’s be honest, the scoreboard is pretty important! Put your logo, tagline, website or product information beneath a score board. Ads are 8 feet long by 2 feet high!