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Novice League

The Rideau Curling Club’s Novice League is a recreational league to encourage newer curlers to participate in regular games. The goal is to help gain more experience and acquire new skills. Players will register for the league as individuals, and each week indicate their preferred playing position. The League Convenor will create new teams each week, allowing players to change positions and meet new people each week.


This league will have an ‘open’ format, which means there are no gender restrictions. However, participants must have less than 10 years experience of curling. Players may bring their own equipment, or use equipment provided by the Rideau.

 Looking for more instruction?


The Learn-to-Curl Program is a weekly program that runs on Saturdays from 9 to 11 AM. 


Learn More 

There is no requirement of having ‘completed’ a Learn-to-Curl Program, either at the Rideau or elsewhere, but having some history of instruction is strongly recommended.  Participants of the Club’s Learn-To-Curl Program, are more than welcome to register for this league while completing the Learn-to-Curl Program. 

Twice during the season (the first week, and again the first week after the Holiday break), there will be an instruction session to help participants develop proper technique and help break 'bad' habits. These sessions will be optional and included in your fees.

For more information, contact the program directly at

** Please note, curling in this league is not a requirement to participate in other leagues that take place at the Rideau. **

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